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What is responsive? Well for one it means having a webpage that is friendly. Having a friendly website means it can run across multiple platforms such as a moblie devive, a tablet, a desktop, and laptop, all together! At Web Designz, we will not only perform, we will show you progress on where your website stands. Now, let's talk a little about SEO, shall we? When your website is complete, we show you your SEO score directly, that way we can show that we are true to our word. Upon completing your site, your finished product should appear on the top page of google(keep in mind it generally takes a few days for it to appear).

I will listen and take note and will even ask you to give me as much as information as possible prior to building your new site, so we can work together on making a fantastic blueprint! Now, as we get further into the process, i want you to remember that at any given time you want to update your site, just call me or email me. With that being said, if a week after the finished product you decide you want to remove or add something we will work on it ASAP. Besides, updates are much needed especially if you have something like a blog. Then updates may be as frequent as a few days. Also at any given time you wish to change your domain name, no problem! Multipage layout means that we can make your site have multiple webpages. Wether you have one page or nine. We would definintely suggest you having at the least four, it helps your business and customers out, while helping your search engine optimization. The more the better. Yes, it does cost a little more for more pages, but not only are you paying a fraction of the price of what a web designer costs, but you are getting optimal results in search engines. However, if you do no believe that, that is okay, just do your research. Take the time to check out our other pages as well.

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Perfomance is what some of you aim for, wether it's that old 1970's chevy with the 383 stroker or that old 1970's f100 with the 460 in it, or maybe it's your business's performance that counts. Here we give your site Performance with SSL Encryption for your business to grow.



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